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The Benefits Of An Unplugged Ceremony

The Benefits Of An Unplugged Ceremony


Imagine that it’s finally your big day! You’ve been counting down the days for this big moment…to walk down the aisle and to say “I do”!

You’ve invested in a wedding photographer who you adore to do the job, to capture all of your special moments. The sweet ceremony full of you walking down the aisle, exchanging vows and rings, the first kiss. You planned it all and of course you want it all photographed!

But one of the biggest struggles photographers can face is uncle bob stepping out into the aisle and ruining the shot we’ve been dying to get because he wants an iPhone photo. (Or maybe he has a small DSLR and is an aspiring photographer, lol)

Don’t get me wrong, I think to a certain point, it’s ok for your guests to take photos during your ceremony. But what is not ok is when your guest becomes the photographer. You have literally paid thousands for a photographer…it’s their job to capture these moments and it’s your guests’ job to enjoy it.

The best way to avoid this situation from happening is having an unplugged ceremony. If you aren’t sure what an unplugged ceremony is, it’s when you request your guests to not use their phone or camera during your ceremony.



What are the benefits of having an unplugged ceremony?

Your guests are PRESENT.

No one is ruining the photographers MUST HAVE shots.

YOU control what is shared.

How to announce to your guests your ceremony is unplugged.


Pinterest is full of so much inspiration with unplugged ceremony signage. When you have a sign placed at the front of the ceremony spot, your guests will see it as they are entering.

Talk with your calligrapher or hop on Etsy to get yourself one before your big day!

Here is a board full of ideas: Unplugged Ceremony Inspiration


Ask your officiant to politely announce you prefer guests not to use their cell phones or cameras. You can also go as far as putting this on your wedding website and in your invitation suite.


About everyone reads through the programs while they wait for the ceremony to begin. Include your unplugged ceremony request in your program details.


Bonus: One last solution is to let your guests have a 3 minute time period to take photos as soon as you get to the alter and grab hands. That way everyone gets their shot!


I know this topic can be quite controversial but there are so many beautiful benefits to having an unplugged ceremony! Weddings are special and they deserve to be treated special! Have you thought about having an unplugged ceremony?





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