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The Importance Of Light On Your Wedding Day

The Importance Of Light On Your Wedding Day

The Importance Of Light On Your Wedding Day

One of the most important elements of photography for me is lighting. It can really make or break a photo.

And did you know it can make a large impact on your big day? I’m sharing with you all of the benefits and tips of light when it comes to your wedding day.


When it comes to the getting ready part of the day, there is one secret I love to share when I do my pre-event consultation meetings with my couples.

Whether it’s your home, hotel room, or a bridal suite, there is one thing I recommend looking for…ready for it? Large windows.

Letting all of the natural light in will put the magic in your images. It makes the images look more visual pleasing as well as authentic.

It also helps all of your photos tie in together because when I shoot the wedding details such as the rings, flowers, stationary, etc, they will have natural lighting as well!

However, sometimes it’s not possible to get ready in a pretty bridal suite or at your home. Sometimes it can feel like the only option is a dark room with tungsten or fluorescent lighting. Instead of settling on the dark space, opt in for staying at a hotel.





Whether it’s a first look, bridal party portraits, or bride and groom portraits, I always love to do these in natural lighting.
The portraits are my favorite part of the day because you’re spending time with each other. Your wedding day will fly by so it’s best to take in every moment.
First looks are so amazing, it was one of my favorite parts of my wedding day. It not only gave us more images in pretty light, but it also helped with our wedding day timeline. Want to know why you should do a first look? Read this post!
There are two times of the day I like to do portraits; before the ceremony and during sunset. That way you have portraits in natural light and another set of portraits during a gorgeous sunset.



There are sooo many ceremony scenarios; a church, barn, banquet hall, and an outdoor setting. All of these venues have different types of lighting and it’s important to know what to expect.


Churches / Banquet Halls : A lot of churches and banquet halls have dimmed lighting which can give a very warm tone to your images if flash isn’t used. It’s also important to know that some churches restrict the use of flash. It can be difficult to achieve light and airy images with this setting…especially if there isn’t much natural light coming in. Not saying that having a church wedding is bad, this is just something to keep in mind.
Barns : There are two types of barns, bright and dark. Barns with light walls and flooring is no issue with lighting most of the time. However, barns with natural wood from top to bottom and dimmed lighting can be challenging similar to churches.
Outdoor : One thing to keep in mind with outdoor weddings is the harsh lighting and squinty eyes that can affect the images. A great solution for this is having your ceremony closer to afternoon when the sun isn’t at its highest. Also, consider setting up in a shaded area. The photos will look prettier and your guests will thank you (sitting in the sun can get hot)!
Haven’t picked your venue yet? Read ‘Booking Your Dream Venue’ here!


Just like your ceremony, the venue and lighting will play a big role in your wedding day images.
You’ve spent so much time planning the perfect wedding, even the little details matter to you. It’s important to give your photographer time to photograph the reception details such as the cake, centerpieces, etc before the natural light fades and everyone piles in with their coats and bags. Consider having it set up before the ceremony begins!
Alright, now let’s talk about the reception events; first dances, cake cutting, tosses, open dancing, all the fun stuff right? If the sun has set and there isn’t much lighting, think about adding decor elements such as string lights. This will give your images a romantic feel!




With that being said, lighting is soooo important on your wedding day! I feel like it’s my job to educate couples on sharing what I believe is the best. All in all, if possible, stick to venues with light walls and big windows. Talk with your photographer about ceremony and reception start times. Picking the perfect times can lead to perfect images!




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