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Birthday Beach Day At Warren Dunes State Park

Birthday Beach Day At Warren Dunes State Park

Matt, Maui and I decided to hang out at Warren Dunes State Park for my 26th birthday…best birthday ever by the way! We made it our goal to visit Lake Michigan this summer.

We went to the dog beach and were surprised by how amazing it was. The water was so clear, the crowds were low, and the temperature was perfect. Talk about birthday wishes coming true right?

Maui decided to jump into the water and had a blast swimming with us. Besides getting cooled off in the lake, he also loved rolling around in the warm sand ⏤ seriously so cute!!

There was a point where when he would get tired of swimming, he would put his front arms on our shoulders and stand ????

It’s seriously one of my favorite spots to go to relax. We’ve been there three times already and have plans to go again this summer…I’m a little obsessed!

Ok, now check out these cute beach photos below!!


hayley-moore-photography-lake-michigan-engagement-photographer-warren-dunes-state-park-dog-beachhayley-moore-photography-lake-michigan-engagement-photographer-warren-dunes-state-park-dog-beach hayley-moore-photography-lake-michigan-engagement-photographer-warren-dunes-state-park-dog-beachhayley-moore-photography-lake-michigan-engagement-photographer-warren-dunes-state-park-dog-beach hayley-moore-photography-lake-michigan-engagement-photographer-warren-dunes-state-park-dog-beach hayley-moore-photography-lake-michigan-engagement-photographer-warren-dunes-state-park-dog-beachhayley-moore-photography-lake-michigan-engagement-photographer-warren-dunes-state-park-dog-beach hayley-moore-photography-lake-michigan-engagement-photographer-warren-dunes-state-park-dog-beach hayley-moore-photography-lake-michigan-engagement-photographer-warren-dunes-state-park-dog-beachhayley-moore-photography-lake-michigan-engagement-photographer-warren-dunes-state-park-dog-beach hayley-moore-photography-lake-michigan-engagement-photographer-warren-dunes-state-park-dog-beachhayley-moore-photography-lake-michigan-engagement-photographer-warren-dunes-state-park-dog-beach hayley-moore-photography-lake-michigan-engagement-photographer-warren-dunes-state-park-dog-beach hayley-moore-photography-lake-michigan-engagement-photographer-warren-dunes-state-park-dog-beach hayley-moore-photography-lake-michigan-engagement-photographer-warren-dunes-state-park-dog-beach

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