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Delivering a boutique, personal, and fun experience

"She excels in communication, and she’s ready to help with anything and everything you may need."


"Hayley checked all the boxes and THEN SOME compared to other photographers."


"She’s an amazing person inside and out and will treat your big day with as much care, love, and joy as her own!!"


I’m Hayley and I am a destination wedding + portrait photographer based in Indiana! I am committed and focused on serving you in the best way possible and making sure you are having a wonderful experience! I am full of passion; for romance, chasing dreams, adventure, and mostly, photographing beautiful love stories. My purpose in life is to validate and motivate others so they have the clarity and confidence to keep going…I’m not only a photographer, I’m also one of the most supporting friends you’ll have!

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My Promise


With 5+ years of experience, I have worked so hard on developing an unforgettable experience and stress-free process my couples have absolutely LOVED! When you work with me, you're in for a whole lotta fun surprises along with a wonderful time!


Support is one thing everyone desires for in their life, that’s what I want to give a past bride, friend, and wife. Whether it’s with planning help, relationship advice, or someone to support your dream, I am yours to talk with. Everyone needs a cheerleader, right?!


I’m full of multiple solutions to help you get to the finish line while also focusing on what's important. I'll be that source of calmness and positivity on a wedding day and will truly care about you and your celebration, I take EVERY single wedding to heart!

YOUR resource

"Words cannot begin to describe how incredible Hayley is. Throughout the entire wedding process she was not only our best vendor BY FAR, but was a friend and resource. Hayley goes above and beyond for her clients, and truly creates the best experience and makes you feel so important. In regards to her work, we were so impressed. I swear she doesn't take a day off! we were in shock with how quickly we received our wedding photos and the quality of all the images. Her photos are truly art. Choosing Hayley as a photographer was by far our best decision of wedding planning. I would recommend Hayley a million times! Literally counting down the days that I am able to work with her again!"


Hayley truly creates the best experience and makes you feel so important

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"If you are engaged and planning your wedding, you HAVE to book Hayley. I seriously could not have asked for a better experience. She is so kind, detail-oriented, talented, and focused on giving her clients the best. From the engagement session to the wedding, she went above and beyond to create timelines, provide support, and make sure that everything ran smoothly. And on-top of that, she produced incredible photos! We even got about 30 pictures the same day. Being able to relive our wedding through these photos is amazing. I highly recommend Hayley and her services!!"


she went above and beyond

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My FAVORITE! There are so many photographers but only one Hayley Moore & I will only refer her! Hayley cares about every detail, puts so much time into each of her couples and definitely makes you feel special from the beginning to after your wedding day! She makes it so easy to be in front of her camera, communicates throughout the whole journey and gets to know the couple. She was the best decision, and I cannot wait to be in front of her camera again in the future. Hayley is absolutely amazing and so talented, don't hesitate to book her! She really does become a lifelong friend - there's just too many compliments for her, she's the one. 


makes you feel special from the beginning to after your wedding day

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Love Notes


If you’ve been searching for a photographer who believes every love story is special, that client connection and commitment is key, and takes every single wedding to heart, you’ve found your photographer! Hey, I’m Hayley!