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The Secrets To Beautiful ‘Getting Ready’ Images!

The Secrets To Beautiful ‘Getting Ready’ Images!

The Secrets To Beautiful 'Getting Ready' Images!

Ok, let’s face it. You’ve seen so many beautiful getting ready images of brides and you want those images too! Today, I am sharing the secret and many other tips to getting those portraits! Let’s get started!


First off, why would you want getting ready photos? From my experience, this is the time where the bride and her girls are getting ready.

They’re blasting their favorite tunes, having drinks and spending quality time together. Of course you want this memory to be captured! This time from a photographer’s perspective gives you; 1) more photos and 2) time for your photographer to warm up.

The first few steps to planning your wedding is setting a date, booking your vendors and looking for gorgeous venues to say “I Do” at.

There are many other little ideas to consider when you are booking your venue and purchasing wedding items. Where do you see yourself (and groom of course) getting ready? Most of the time, the bride and groom will get ready in separate hotel rooms or bridal suites.

Here are some tips to consider when picking out your getting ready spot!


My favorite type of lighting is natural. It makes the images look more visual pleasing as well as authentic. Not only that but it also helps all of your photos tie in together because when I shoot the wedding details such as the rings, stationary, etc, they will have natural lighting as well!

Whether it’s a hotel room or bridal suite, pick a room that has a big window or a lot of windows! This allows tons of light to spill into the room and not only gives me great lighting to work with but it puts everyone in a happier mood! Something about the sunlight is so relaxing!




When choosing where you want to get ready, window lighting is my greatest tip but my second greatest is where exactly you are getting ready. Depending on the hotel, the furniture is minimalistic and the colors aren’t too crazy.

The key to having a Pinterest-styled getting ready image is to find a spot that has white walls (or something similar) and wallpaper that is simple.

BONUS: Consider keeping your getting ready room tidy and mess free before your photographer shows up. Your photographer will be taking plenty of pictures and the last thing you want is a makeup bag or water bottle in the background. I like to look out for these things and make sure they aren’t in the frame but it’s better to be safe than sorry!



I have had to deal with super small rooms and I make them work! It’s always nice to have a big open room where several girls can fit. I want to make sure I can get great angles and letting everyone be able to breathe and have their personal space. If the bridal suite or venue room is super small, it’s worth getting a hotel room!




Rustic wood

If you have a rustic themed wedding, oh boy will this tie your images together. If not, it’s totally fine because your images will STILL look beautiful! Can’t go wrong with this texture! ????

Neutral colored room

Avoiding bright flashy colors is a must. They can make your photos distracting. Instead, opt in for whites or creams to achieve a Pinterest looking portrait!

Painted Nails

This makes for great photos when your MOH or mother is buttoning/zipping your dress.


If there is a funky pattern on the floor, pass! If it’s just a plain color, it will be fine (unless its hot pink, oof!)



This will add even more beauty and consistency to your images. Having the girls wear robes or fun t-shirts while getting ready makes for cute portraits.

Stationary, rings and florals

I love to capture your invites and other stationary you sent out to your guests. It adds to your story! Also, don’t forget to bring your rings (yours and your fiance’s) and bouquets with you. I want to capture these as well and if they’re with someone else, I wouldn’t be able to take photos of them until later. Don’t worry, I will keep them very safe! šŸ™‚

Pretty hangers

When I photograph your dresses, chances are I will hang them up somewhere gorgeous. Don’t let a plastic hanger ruin the entire vibe, am I right?!


It can be challenging to find the perfect room but if you have plenty of window light, your images will be gorgeous! I hope these tips have helped you be able to choose a getting ready location of your dream! You will definitely not regret the ‘getting ready’ images considering how memorable the time will be!

Not only am I there to capture your memories, but I will be there to make sure you are having a great time! If you need help, I’m there for you! šŸ™‚


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  1. Kate says:

    Yes to all of this! The getting ready space on a wedding day is SO important and so overlooked. Some of these images end up being the favorites of the day (and some of the most emotional), so the space they happen in should be looked at with that in consideration.


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