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What To Set Aside For Your Wedding Photographer

What To Set Aside For Your Wedding Photographer

What To Set Aside For Your Wedding Photographer

When your wedding day is just a few weeks away, things may start to get a little crazy because you are finalizing plans. The last thing I want is to stress you out.

I have put together a little list of items you should bring with you for my to photograph. While you are getting ready, these are the things I will be photographing! Let’s get to it!



  • Rings (both bands & engagement with the bride)
  • Bouquets & boutonnieres (have them delivered to the brides getting ready room).
  • Wedding suite (invites, save the dates, menu, program, etc)
  • Dress
  • Shoes / Jewelry / Veil
  • Family heirlooms
  • Letters / vow books
  • Extra favors

I wanted to also jump in and give some tips and photo information about each of these items to bring!


Your rings are the main symbol in your pre-ceremony images and most of the time, someone who will be with you on your day will be holding them! What I like to do is pair the rings with your stationary, put them in your flowers (carefully!), and capture them in a unique setting that relates to your wedding style.

Sometimes, I purchase ring boxes for additional styling looks! Feel free to order your favorite color if you want one in your images, they’re pretty!!

BONUS: A day before your wedding, make sure your rings are nice and pretty! To make sure of this, all you have to do is clean them!



There are so many different ways I can photograph your flowers into your wedding photos! Through pre-ceremony shots, portraits, and reception details. These always add class and color into the photography and that is why I absolutely love having them in everything!

Generally, I like when the vendors send them to where you are getting ready a few hours before the ceremony. We will make sure they are nice and fresh before the wedding, don’t worry!

Want to know a secret for beautiful getting ready images, read this post here!

BONUS: If you are trying to save on your bouquets, make yours larger and the bridesmaids smaller. I will also be focusing more on your bouquet over the girls.



Another great part of your story are all of the invites, save-the-dates, menus, programs and what not you worked hard on! I love to capture these in a group, alongside with your rings, florals, and everything else.

Nothing is more beautiful than seeing the beautiful fonts paired with a shiny ring and flowers!

BONUS: Make sure you order extra of everything! It’s a great idea to have some backups just in case. Also, I love having a copy for the pre-ceremony photos. Plus, I love getting mail! Mail em over to me and I will keep them safe!


Click here to inquire about your date! I would love to hear from you! 🙂


You spent so much on your dress, we have to capture some beautiful images with it, right?! I love to take photos of the dress hanging in the bridal suite, somewhere relating to your wedding theme, and with your bridesmaids dresses. These make for great transitional pieces in your wedding album!

Before you step foot into your dress, I like to get some “with the girls” images in your robes. Once this part is done, we will have all of your bridesmaids get into their dresses and then have mom/grandma or someone special help you get into your dress. I’ll get some images of them buttoning the back, these are super intimate and gorgeous!

TIP #1: Invest in a beautiful custom hanger. These aren’t too expensive and you can find some really cute ones on Etsy!  These make your dress look ten times more elegant and having a cheap plastic hanger really knocks down the quality of the images. If you forst, no worries! I tend to have some nice wooden backup hangers!

TIP #2: Look into purchasing cute robes or custom shirts with black leggings. These make your photos with your girls look so cute and flowy!



Now we can’t forget about your cute shoes and accessories! I typically like to pair up your shoes with your bridal bouquet and sometimes your ring! To make the images even more beautiful, I add your veil in as well!

Another important part of your story are the family heirlooms! These are very special to not only you but your family and when they look at your wedding images and see them, they will feel so warm and happy.

BONUS: Break in your shoes a few days before your wedding so they are comfy!



Last but not least, the letters! Sometimes the bride and groom exchange the letters for each other to read while they are getting ready.

Another idea is having each other read them while they’re both in hiding holding hands. This is way too adorable because you can catch the bride and groom shedding a tear and you can just feel the emotions! The best time to do these are right before your first look session.

Want to learn more about the first look sesh? Head on over to this post!


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