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Let’s Talk About Your Wedding Invitation Suite!

Let’s Talk About Your Wedding Invitation Suite!

Wedding invites. This is where the fun begins in wedding planning (let’s be real, the whole wedding process is a bunch of joy and excitement.)

Whether you are ordering your invites from a local designer, online retailer or even designing them yourself, there is one thing that is definite ⏤ this is how you make your first impression with your guests.

So, where do you start? First off, you need to know what should go inside your invite suite!


  • Invitation. This should include basic information. Couples name, date of event, time of event and venue location.
  • Directions. Help out your guests and give them details on how to get to your big day!
  • Menu. If you are having a buffet, it’s good to have a menu card so your guests know what’s for lunch/dinner! On this you should list: appetizers, dinner options, dessert and drinks.
  • RSVP Card. This is important to not only you but also your vendors! Most caterers and venues will need a headcount. This card will help you know who is coming to your wedding and what they will be eating.
  • Accommodations. If you are blocking off hotels or have guests who will be traveling, it’s nice to list nearby hotels for them to check out.



Now that you know what should be in your invite suite, here are some tips on how to impress your guests as well as beautiful ideas you can add to your suite to make it stand out!


    • Ribbon and foil are two add-ons that can make your set unique. Wrap your suite with twine (for rustic weddings) or silk ribbon.
    • Foil is very elegant and beautiful to look at! You can have foil stamped onto the invite in the name or graphics. Either or, it’s a great touch!
    • Wax Seals are so much fun to work with because there are so many colors and stamp designs. The process is tedious but is worth it in the end!


    • Besides buying the simple flag stamps from your local USPS, get creative and purchase wedding related or vintage-styled stamps.
    • Calligraphy. Hire a pro to write out each address onto the exterior of the envelope. This will add class and beauty easily to your suite.
    • Envelope liner. A simple way to make your suite flow together is by picking out an envelope liner that goes well with your color pallette and design.


    • Choose your fonts carefully and make sure they compliment each other. Keep it simple and choose one cursive font and one serif font.


There are so many things you can do when it comes to your wedding suite so go all out and have some fun!! This is your chance to show who you two are as a couple!


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