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Benefits Of Hiring A Wedding Coordinator

Benefits Of Hiring A Wedding Coordinator


Planning a wedding can feel like a ton of work…now imagine trying to coordinate one on top of that! I do believe wedding planners can help a lot but in this post, I want to go over the benefits of hiring a wedding coordinator.

First things first, what’s the difference between a planner and coordinator? Let me get straight to the point!

Wedding planner : Planners schedule and attend vendor meetings, helps you manage your budget, oversees everything on your wedding day.

Wedding coordinator : Coordinates anything relating to your wedding. Coordinators meet with you closer to your wedding day, confirm logistics, manages rehearsals and walk-throughs and makes sure everything runs smoothly.

Wedding venue coordinator : Coordinates anything that relates to their venue.

Before I jump into a Q&A with the team at Mustard Seed Gardens, I wanted to share some benefits of hiring a coordinator. Not all couples can afford a full on wedding planner but if you can squeeze at least a coordinator into the budget, do it!


Another wedding professional to help you

The wedding world can seem overwhelming with tons of information and a lot to learn when you’ve just gotten engaged. There is just soooo much to know. When you have a wedding professional by your side, planning feels a little easier and less stressful…the way it should be!

All of my couples are just a text away whether you need help deciding on design elements, booking other vendors, or even just someone to talk to. I don’t want you to feel alone with planning your dream wedding!

We are there to serve you and to make sure your day is perfect.

Wedding day assistance

Wedding days are hectic…where do people need to be at what times? Where are you doing your cake cutting? How do you know when to start walking down the aisle? I can go on forever on questions you may have for your wedding day. When you have a coordinator, they literally handle allll of the logistics for you and it feels incredible.

They know when to send ya down the aisle, where to do your cake cutting, when you should be done with hair and makeup, they know it all because it’s their job! They are focused on serving you and making your day the best one yet.

Bonus: You don’t have to make any of your family or friends do this job and they can actually enjoy your wedding.

Peace of mind  + organization

This one is similar to the previous benefit but it’s more self explanatory. When you have someone doing the hard work for you, you’ll feel relaxed (and let’s be honest, you should feel at ease on your big day). Your wedding day is organized to a tee and goodness it’s the best feeling ever.

Here are some of their duties that you don’t have to do if you hire a coordinator:

  • Someone to assist with your timeline and staying on schedule
  • Guiding your party through the ceremony and reception
  • Collecting all personal items
  • Getting a final head count for vendors along with place settings, menu cards, favors, etc.
  • Setting up all of your decorations and florals


Meet the team at Mustard Seed Gardens. Last summer I had the opportunity to photograph their venue and do their headshots. What I love about MSG is that they provide coordination services when you book at their venue. Keep in mind, some venue coordinators aren’t full on coordinators. Make sure to ask questions about venue coordinators services! You want to make sure you have a coordinator who isn’t just there for you a month before your wedding day!

About Mustard Seed Gardens

Hi! Our team includes our event director Bethany and our three coordinators: Emma, Tristen, & Aubrey.

What exactly is a wedding coordinator?

Wedding coordinators make the magic happen behind the scenes. We walk with you through the planning process and guide you while creating your dream day! Coordinators facilitate the day’s festivities & focus on the smaller details you won’t be worrying about on your wedding day. We love walking alongside our brides from conception to fruition.


What is a 2021 trend you are loving?

Velvet. Linens. Need we say more?

What is your favorite part of a wedding day?

As coordinators, we all can agree that one of our favorite & most rewarding moments of wedding day is sending our brides down the aisle. There is so much magic in those few minutes.


Where do you go for inspiration?

Pinterest, Style Me Pretty, Ruffled Blog, Etc. We are also constantly inspired by social media posts from local vendors.

When working with you, what does the process look like?

When you book at Mustard Seed, you will be assigned a venue coordinator. We do two planning meetings with you. The initial meeting is at the three month mark & the final meeting is a month out.

At these meetings, we go chronologically through the day and walk through your timeline, decor, layout, & vendors. Lots of fun details are chosen at these meetings like linen colors, cocktails, & rental items. As we approach wedding day, we facilitate rehearsal for you & collect all of your decor items.

We then take care of bringing your vision to life on wedding day by setting decor, greeting vendors, & being there for whatever you need until the end of the night!

I absolutely love that MSG is with you near the end of your wedding planning process. They are there to help with picking decorations, set up, and helping your vision come to life. They’re a good mix of planner and coordinator honestly and that’s why I love MSG so much! They also provide a catalog of rentals when you book your wedding at Mustard Seed Gardens and it’s just one of the benefits when working with them.

If you’re still looking for a gorgeous venue, check out Mustard Seed Gardens! They also have a sister venue that’s so beautiful, Iron + Ember.





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