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5 Wedding Planning Organization Tips

5 Wedding Planning Organization Tips


Wedding planning can feel chaotic…especially when everything is everywhere. Piles of notes on your desk, receipts in your phone and in drawers, inspiration over on Pinterest and in your phone. Thinking of that scenario alone stresses me out but I’m here to help you get organized to keep your planning experience stress-free.

Being an enneagram 1, I am organized from head to toe! Here are some tips to keep you feeling afloat while planning:


First things first, create a new email account to use for all things wedding related. Keeping your important vendor emails in one spot is key so you don’t miss any important information. There’s also a chance you’ll be signing up for wedding related accounts like The Knot for inspiration and newsletters.


Pick one day out of the week to focus on the wedding. Then open that calendar and write down what you will do each week. When you have a plan of action ready, you are more likely to complete the task and not put it off. Consistency is the key to productivity when it comes to wedding planning.

I also recommend planning out your entire month at the start of each month so you don’t miss any important deadlines. Knowing when your payments and final info is due helps keep ya on track as well. Better yet, setting up automated vendor payments will also help out.

One of my go to apps is Trello. You can create different boards and within those boards, you can create categories and cards. They let you create lists, import links and images and so much more. It’s a game changer.



Don’t sleep on Google Drive! You can store all of your receipts, contracts, and notes within folders. You can even create a folder entirely dedicated to inspiration, it’s definitely a must do when planning. Even better, you can search for what you are looking for. Need to quickly pull up some floral inspiration you’ve saved? Have a folder dedicated to wedding florals and simply search “florals” and boom, there ya go!


Sometimes when I’m feeling overwhelmed and unorganized, I like to do monthly mind dumps. Take 20 minutes out of your day to just dump your mind into your notes. It truly lifts a weight off your shoulders. And then go ahead and import those notes into your Google Drive or Trello. There you can organize and build a plan of attack. 😉



I cannot stress this one enough, hire a planner! They take alllll the stress away…it’s literally their job to plan a wedding! Your planner will help you find vendors, nail down your dream wedding, and wrap up all of the logistics. Getting back your life and celebrating your season of engagement is truly special and sometimes can go missed. Regardless of what way you go, you don’t want to be that couple who loses their focus on the true meaning.

I hope these 5 wedding organization tips help your planning experience stay smooth and stress-free! HAPPY PLANNING!

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