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5 Things To Do After Getting Engaged!

5 Things To Do After Getting Engaged!


Before you book your vendors, you should consider setting a date and budget first! When I was planning my wedding, I had a few dates in mind. I knew that if I wanted my dream venue and photographer, I had to be flexible with the date.

When it comes to your budget, who will be helping out? This is incredibly important to know! Things can add up quickly so it’s useful to know where you draw the line.

Here are some things to consider:

  • Are you wanting a short or long engagement?
  • How many guests? 50? 100? 300?
  • What are your priorities and negotiables?
  • Do you want a destination or close to home wedding?


You’ve been dreaming of this day since you were a young girl, so make it count! Follow wedding inspiration accounts on Instagram and get a feel for what type of wedding you are wanting.

This only happens one time and it’s always so amazing to see all of the little details come together.

BONUS: Hire a wedding planner, they will help your vision come to life…and they’ll take the stress away!

Here are my favorite Instagram accounts for wedding inspo.


Ok, tackling a guest list is no joke but once it’s finished, it’s a huge weight off your shoulder. Don’t be afraid to not invite some people, it’s your wedding day, you do you girl! However, make sure you and your fiance agree on who’s invited and who’s not.

Here are some quick tips on creating a guest list:

  • Give each guest a rating: A, B, or C.
    • A: Must invite: People such as close family and friends
    • B: Maybe invite: Other friends and extended family
    • C: Invite if the budget allows
  • Keep in mind plus one’s!
  • Will it be adults only?



Your venue and photographer are one of the top vendors to book first ⏤ their slots fill up quick!

Venues: Saturday’s are always the first to go and they can sometimes book 1-2 years out! Don’t be afraid to have a Friday or Sunday wedding either. Create a list of the venues that match your vision, schedule tours and ask questions. Here are more tips on booking your dream venue!

Photographer: If you know who you want as your photographer, reach out to them as soon as possible! Make sure you find someone that you share a connection with. Read more about choosing a wedding photographer!



The most important step…celebrate your new milestone! You’ve just made a big step in your relationship and it’s best to enjoy your time together.

Celebrate with a fancy dinner, throw an engagement party, tell your friends and family, do it all. Savor your engagement because it goes by quick!

So tell me, how’s engagement life going? What are you struggling with the most?


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  1. Winter says:

    Wonderful blog post for newly engaged couples. Well done!

  2. Joanna says:

    Love how informative this is! And love seeing photographers working to help educate their clients❤️

  3. Arli says:

    This is such great information for a new planning couple! It can be so overwhelming and you sharing this info is so helpful and gives a peace to a planning mind when you don’t know where to begin! Thank you for sharing.

    • Hayley says:

      Arli, of course! There are so many planning tasks and by breaking it up into little chunks, it makes it so much easier!

  4. Jordyn says:

    Love this! The beginning stages of planning a wedding can be overwhelming. Always nice to see things broken down into manageable tasks

  5. Josefin says:

    This post is so brilliant! The information is so good and the pictures are absolutely stunning!

  6. Chris C. says:

    This is great content that will really benefit newly engaged brides! I talk to so many brides that are overwhelmed with where to start, your tips help take away some of that stress =)

  7. Brooke says:

    Such great advice! I love how you listed your top Instagram accounts for wedding inspo!

    • Hayley says:

      Brooke, thank you! Yes!! I love those accounts and they bring so much inspo to the table, gotta love em.

  8. Neely says:

    Love this! Such good tips!


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