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3 Traits You NEED In A Wedding Photographer

3 Traits You NEED In A Wedding Photographer

Find a wedding photographer for your big day is extremely important. Your photographer will be by your side throughout most of your wedding planning process and the actual wedding day.

Every photographer should have that passion, drive, and experience…but there’s sooo much more to a photographer than just those three things.

Here are some traits I believe you need in your wedding photographer!


1. 20/20 VISION

Wedding days can be hectic and when a photographer has tunnel vision…a lot of moments and details can be missed. You want a photographer to notice the little things; the quick hugs, a crooked boutonniere, portrait background distractions, etc.

A wedding photographer that is aware of their own surroundings as well as other vendors such as their second photographer, caterer crew members, wedding guests, etc. Communication and self-awareness is crucial on a big day! It keeps your day stress-free and memorable.

A wedding photographer that is also flexible throughout the entire planning process and wedding day makes the day easier on the couple, vendors, and guests. Wedding days aren’t always on schedule, and that’s ok. Not everything goes according to plan and it’s so helpful when your photographer can roll with the punches.



Whether you just got engaged or it’s your wedding day, having a photographer that respects your boundaries is important. A photographer that will let you breathe yet also be there for you when the time is right.

Advice is a wonderful thing but it’s also your wedding and having a photographer who won’t push opinions is significant. Hiring a photographer who is positive and respectful of vendors and guests ⏤ by not getting in the way of others but still getting those special moments captured perfectly and also making sure you’re focused on the true meaning of your big day.




Everyone’s love story is special and one of a kind…no matter what. It shouldn’t be about a photographer booking that couple who will get them published in a popular magazine.

The focus shouldn’t be about their ego being fed, it should be about your love story and making you feel special! Your photographer is there to take care of you and make sure they are delivering a wonderful experience that you deserve.

It’s also important to take the time to find a photographer who will understand what’s important to you so they can make your experience ever better.


Finding a photographer can feel like one of the most challenging parts of planning your wedding. It’s important that you connect with them, make sure they are fun to work with, and have all of these traits!

So if you are still looking for a photographer, head on over to this post to read more about finding your dream photog! > Finding Your Dream Wedding Photographer <




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