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All About Including Your Furry Friend in Your Wedding

All About Including Your Furry Friend in Your Wedding


It’s no secret around here that I love pups, I’ve got one myself and he is my baby. If only I could go back in time with him and include Maui in my wedding day, I so would.

If you’ve got yourself a best furry friend, then why not include them in your biggest day ever? They’re part of your family too right?! Here are some ways you can make your day special including them.

1. Engagement Session

Your engagement session is just as special as your wedding day and it’s always so fun to have some images with your pup so why not bring them along? If you’re wanting to include your furry friend in your engagement session, head on over to the post below for more details!

‘Including Your Pup in Engagement Photos’

2. Honoring them in reception details

So maybe for some reason, the venue you’re getting married at doesn’t allow pups, there’s a quick fix for that and that’s honoring them in your DETAILS! The list is endless but here are some of my favorites…

  • Signage illustrations
  • Cute napkins with their face
  • Cocktails such as a ‘Maui-tini’ / a fun play on words
  • A little figurine of your pet on your cake
  • Illustration in your invitation suite

3. Sharing a first look

Look, I’m a sucker for first looks but I can only imagine a first look with your adorable dog! And sure, maybe your dog has no clue whats going on but one things for sure and thats they’re happy to see you!

4. Flower girl / Ring bearer

This is one of the most popular ways to include your dog on your wedding day, but want to make it even fancier? Ask your florist for a leash wrapped in greenery, a floral collar, or even just a cute little bow tie. Whichever you choose to do, have fun with it because it’ll be worth it because all the photos you’ll get!

Now, if you don’t feel comfortable letting your pup run down the aisle to you, have someone from your wedding party walk them down the aisle.

5. During the Pre-Ceremony

Having a pup around during getting ready can lighten up some moods, trust me, I’ve had my share of cute pups during that portion of the day. Let me just say, it makes for cute photos! When you want to do your robe portraits with your bridal party, include your pup…but just be careful because they’ll become the star of the show…kinda like Ollie here. 😉

6. Portraits

And of course, we cannot forget portrait time! This one is pretty straight forward, who doesn’t want portraits with their sweet one?! Just make sure you let your photographer know so they can plan ahead of time.


Who’s got their eye on your pup?

Whether you have a set person or need outside help, there’s vendors for this! Think about who you want holding onto your pup during your big day. Here are two midwest pet attendants:

Lunabelle Weddings

Happily Furever After


Don’t forget treats + toys

Whether you need your pup to walk down the aisle or sit pretty for photos, treats and toys are always a good item to have handy!


Verify with your venue

Some venues is may be obvious they allow furry friends but double check to be safe! Not all venues ARE dog friendly (sadly lol)

Lint rollers will become your new bff

Ya know…dark colored suits and pet hair, not a good mix. But having a lint roller handy will keep everything looking good!


So, are you going to include your pup on your wedding day? Count me in please!


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