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Writing your own wedding vows is no joke, it can feel stressful! But the key is to let it come naturally and try not to stress over them. While you’re up there sharing your word to your future spouse, their heart is filled, people are smiling, tearing up (even me). You’re making a promise to […]

Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

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  This shoot has the perfect late summer vision featuring deep reds, dusty pinks and bright greens. The venue providing multiple ceremony spots while keeping indoors nice and cozy. But also including a perfect bridal suite to get ready in before you say “I Do”! This location is perfect for a country summer wedding! The […]

A Summery Styled Shoot At The Loft On Isanogel

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Welcome to Mustard Seed Gardens! This historic venue in Noblesville, Indiana is full of charm and beauty. From the old barn and gardens to the bridal suite and farmhouse…it’s simply one of Indiana’s gems. As soon as I arrived, I fell in love. “Create a one-of-a-kind backdrop, bring people together, celebrate love + have the best […]

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Mustard Seed Gardens In Noblesville, Indiana

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One of the most important elements of photography for me is lighting. It can really make or break a photo. And did you know it can make a large impact on your big day? I’m sharing with you all of the benefits and tips of light when it comes to your wedding day. 1. GETTING […]

The Importance Of Light On Your Wedding Day

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If you’re recently engaged and want to start planning your 2021 wedding but you just don’t know where to start, this is for you! 1. WHERE TO BEGIN When I first started planning my wedding, the first thing I determined was the date, the priorities, and the budget. DATE : Determine if you want a […]

How To Plan Your Wedding During COVID-19

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Last month, I put out a post helping you find the perfect veil. If you missed it, check it out right here! Now that you’ve found the veil, let’s talk about when to wear it on your wedding day. Ok, I’m going to say something crazy…and keep in mind, this is just my opinion based […]

When To Wear Your Wedding Veil

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Brides, if you need to read a post, it’s this one! That new ring of yours won’t care for itself so here are a few tips on keeping that pretty ring in top shape!   CLEAN YOUR RING REGULARLY You heard it, clean that ring with the most conventional jewelry cleaning method such as mild […]

All About Keeping Your Engagement Ring Safe

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Ohhh the guest list, how intimidating it can be to begin one. Let me give you my honest opinion, it’s not all that bad when you have your vision, expectations, and budget set. It’s a big part of planning your wedding! While crafting your guest list, just remember that it’s your wedding. You need to […]

Ways To Curate Your Wedding Guest List

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