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An Impactful Wedding Planning Task, DRESS PRACTICE!

An Impactful Wedding Planning Task, DRESS PRACTICE!

Let’s talk about one of my favorite things, wedding gowns! All of the excitement of scheduling consultations, trying on a handful of dresses, sayin “YES”, and then picking it up ⏤ it’s all so fun!

But something I’ve learned quickly is that brides sometimes don’t try on their dress after they pick it up from the boutique! Whenever I’m on a pre-event consultation call with my couples, I ask the bride how long it usually takes to put on the dress. Most of the time, I hear that it’s quick…and to soon find out on the wedding day that it’s not that quick lol (just another reason why you need to add padding in your timeline, it saves us from running behind because of these scenerios). 😉


Whether it’s fastening the buttons, making sure the lace-up is centered, or just adjusting the dress to feel more comfortable ⏤ trust me when I tell you that it will take some time to put your dress on.

When you get your dress, take a day out of the week with your MOH and/or mother and practice trying your gown on! It will save you a lot of stress on your day! And the people who will be helping you put your dress on will know exactly what to do, practice makes perfect!

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