Hayley Moore is a wedding photographer that travels the globe documenting chic weddings and love stories. Her style focuses on effortless elegance, timeless true to life colors all while infusing artistic personal touches into the natural moments shared by her fun-loving couples.





Hailey + Ethan
An Adventurous Early Fall Indianapolis Engagement Session

Hailey + Ethan both met when they were finishing up college thanks to his best friend for connecting these two! After an Instagram follow and nothing happening after that, there were crickets…So a few weeks pass and Ethan and his best friend planned a Christmas break guys trip to Colorado. They went to a brewery and quickly had a few too many drinks but enough liquid courage to get Hailey’s number and ask her out on a date. Rather than waiting for him to see her back at school, Ethan’s best friends GF (which is also Hailey’s best friend), decided to plan a girls trip to go see the guys in KC! They flew into Colorado Springs and from there, took a road trip to Kansas City. Hailey + Ethan instantly hit it off and the rest was history! They spent their first date exploring KC, looking at Christmas lights, talking about life, and getting to know each other.

Just under two years later, Ethan played it off like they were going on a normal Saturday coffee date and walking around union station and the memorial with their pups Betty and Juno. A photographer approached them and said “she’s building her portfolio and wanted a couple to photograph.” Hailey knew it was a lie 100% but she was so excited but needed to remain calm! The photographer placed them in a pose where they were facing opposite directions and from that moment, Hailey knew and she was 100% right, Ethan popped the question as they both turned around.

After the proposal, Ethan had mentioned he had to run by his parents house to drop off the pups because he had a whole day of adventures planned to celebrate their new milestone. Hailey wasn’t expecting to see her family however since they planned a trip elsewhere but little did she know, her family would be there to celebrate her engagement alongside Ethan’s family!

I am beyond thrilled to fly out to Kansas City to document Hailey + Ethan’s big day at The Farms at Woodend Springs!




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