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Jakobi + Jeff
A Playful Winter Engagement in Fort Wayne

Jakobi + Jeff
A Playful Winter Engagement in Fort Wayne


So excited to start off my season with Jakobi + Jeff, these two are ANGELS on earth! Jakobi + Jeff first met when in dental hygiene school, while their relationship was professional at first, with him being a clinical dentist and she a student. Not long after though, they began dating while volunteering at a local dental clinic. Their first date was a cute one, picnic by the river enjoying each others company.

About 3 years later, Jakobi + Jeff took a trip to Acadia National Park. They woke up around 3:00 in the morning to begin their hike to the top to catch the sunrise. Once they reached the peak of Cadillac Mountain, they set up a tripod to take some photos, cuddled under a blanket, and took in the beautiful views. Once the crowd died down, Jeff suggested another photo so they set up the timer and he got down on one knee and asked Jakobi to marry him.

These two are getting married THIS April so we had to squeeze in a winter session and it turned out to be SO perfect. Originally we had planned earlier in January, hoping for snow but nothing…and due to other circumstances, the day we had planned on didn’t work out (and I’m HAPPY it didn’t.) So we called it and decided to reschedule!

If you hadn’t heard, Indiana got a BIG snow storm last week, while everyone in town was dreading it, I was cheering it on and couldn’t stop my giddiness…all because of Jakobi + Jeffs session. Their session date was actually the last perfect day with the remaining snow…because as I’m typing this, it’s raining and the snow is quickly melting unfortunately…perfect timing on our part! J+J are such a stunning couple and such naturals in front of the camera, their wedding day is going to be so easy I already know it!

Makeup by: Glamour To Go
How GORGEOUS is Jakobi?!
What I loved so much about this session was how REAL these two felt together, and they weren’t afraid to show off their goofy side…like Jeff!
Fun fact about Jakobi’s ring, it’s custom and has a touch of family past in it, so sweet!
Fun fact about this photo above, I gave these two a fun prompt and Jeff decided to be silly with it and fake Jakobi out with a “bye Felicia” 😆
Ending the session with a snowball fight and one last fun prompt Jeff wanted to try out! Their wedding day is going to be full of all the fun and special moments, already know it!




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