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My Goals for 2020 | Hayley Moore Photography

My Goals for 2020 | Hayley Moore Photography

If you’ve been following me this past year, you may have saw my Goals for my 2019 Wedding Season. After this year, I believe writing down your goals is incredibly helpful!

This Fall, I recently made an investment in the 2020 Cultivate What Matters Planner and now…I am more ready than ever to tackle my 2020 goals!


In 2019, a goal was to: Get Creative

This year, I created my own posing system for my couples and put it to use…and boy did it help me out a lot!! Not only was I able to keep the session going without any awkward stops, but I was able to get creative with my composition.

I also felt confident walking away from the session with images I loved!! I call this one a double success! ✔️

In 2019, a goal was to: Dedicate more time to couples portraits

Listen, timeline curation is hard when it comes to weddings, lbvs! But it’s so worth it when you are able to know where you’ll be, at this time, shooting this part of the wedding day. Does that make sense?

This year, my mind was at ease during wedding days and I was able to dedicate time to couples portraits! Check! ✔️

In 2019, a goal was to: Continue Branding

I believe branding is always an ongoing experience for a business ⏤ you’re always trying to improve your client experience! This year, I did just that!

I’ve always felt like I couldn’t find my photo style, but I believe I have this year…light, airy, candid with a timeless touch. I also created a step by step detailed process for my clients. From workflows and email templates to deliverables and fun surprises along the way. Girl, yes!! ✔️

In 2019, a goal was to: Selfies

Now…this one was tough. I am not so much for being in front of the camera…but I have been this year!

I even got a selfie with a wedding client like I said I wanted to do! Do I look good after a long day of photographing? Girl no. But will I remember this photo forever? Of course!

I only got one selfie from this wedding season / past sessions, but that’s one step closer and I call it a success! ✔️


2019 was a good one.
We bought a house
Got married
I paid off my car…finally!
We got a puppy and named him Maui
I graduated college with a BFA in Photo + Design!
The Jonas Brothers got back together…and I saw them!
Traveled to one of my bucket list destinations: Hawaii!!

What a great way to end a decade!! I am so ready to begin this new year on a fresh page with 100% focus on Hayley Moore Photography. What are your goals for 2020?

MY 2020 GOALS!

Alright, let’s do this! I am ready for a new year and new beginnings!!

Here are my 2020 business goals:

Utilize Instagram stories more
Read at least two business books
Connect with 5 vendors
Use Pinterest
Book at least 5 weddings
Show my face more online!
Update headshots every season

And of course, my 2020 personal goals

Create art!
Read more books!!
Stay on top of my Cultivate What Matters Planner
Continue home improvement
Learn the right times to say ‘yes’ and ‘no’
Reduce phone time, increase quality family time
Health: walking more, meditate, drinking water, self-care




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