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My Garden Themed Wedding In Fort Wayne Indiana

My Garden Themed Wedding In Fort Wayne Indiana

The day started off peaceful yet flew by in a blink of an eye.

I woke up in my home with my girls. We put on our getting ready robes, had breakfast and got pampered.

Before I knew it, I was getting into my dress and heading out the door to my First Look.

my-wedding-botanical-gardens-taylor-ford-photography my-wedding-botanical-gardens-taylor-ford-photography my-wedding-botanical-gardens-taylor-ford-photographymy-wedding-botanical-gardens-taylor-ford-photography my-wedding-botanical-gardens-taylor-ford-photographymy-wedding-botanical-gardens-taylor-ford-photography my-wedding-botanical-gardens-taylor-ford-photographymy-wedding-botanical-gardens-taylor-ford-photographymy-wedding-botanical-gardens-taylor-ford-photographymy-wedding-botanical-gardens-taylor-ford-photographymy-wedding-botanical-gardens-taylor-ford-photography my-wedding-botanical-gardens-taylor-ford-photography my-wedding-botanical-gardens-taylor-ford-photographymy-wedding-botanical-gardens-taylor-ford-photography

We arrived at the Botanical Gardens downtown Fort Wayne. I crossed the busy streets of the city as my bridesmaids carried my train.

Once we were inside, I waited for the signal to begin the First Look. I remember seeing our photographer bring Matt outside…my stomach filled up with butterflies.

I will always be a fan of the First Look (I almost didn’t do one)! I will never regret the decision either because it was one of our favorite parts of our wedding day.

I remember walking up to Matt and hugging him from behind. Before we saw each other, we exchanged our letters and read them silently.

I could feel the emotion in the air as I read his sweet words. My eyes watered.

We finally turned towards each other. His lip quivering and my heart fluttering — I was finally where I wanted to be, with my best friend.

my-wedding-botanical-gardens-taylor-ford-photographymy-wedding-botanical-gardens-taylor-ford-photography my-wedding-botanical-gardens-taylor-ford-photographymy-wedding-botanical-gardens-taylor-ford-photographymy-wedding-botanical-gardens-taylor-ford-photography my-wedding-botanical-gardens-taylor-ford-photography

I remember standing outside waiting for my turn to walk down the aisle. I had a moment where the world went quiet — this was finally the day I’ve been dreaming of, it was here, I cannot believe this is happening but I am so happy and excited to finally marry the man of my dreams.

One by one the bridesmaids went off with the groomsmen. Then the flower girls (my nieces). Then the ring bearers (my nephews). As the music transitioned it was time.

I walked down the aisle with my step father, everyone stood up, and the butterflies flooded back. It was such a blur to be honest. All I remember is seeing Matt at the end of the aisle smiling at me.

We exchanged vows, rings, planted our seeds, said ‘ I Do’, and kissed.

What made our day unique. Right towards the end of our ceremony, the clouds rumbled. As soon as we made our way back inside, the rain poured. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect!

my-wedding-botanical-gardens-taylor-ford-photography my-wedding-botanical-gardens-taylor-ford-photography my-wedding-botanical-gardens-taylor-ford-photographymy-wedding-botanical-gardens-taylor-ford-photography my-wedding-botanical-gardens-taylor-ford-photographymy-wedding-botanical-gardens-taylor-ford-photographymy-wedding-botanical-gardens-taylor-ford-photographymy-wedding-botanical-gardens-taylor-ford-photography my-wedding-botanical-gardens-taylor-ford-photographymy-wedding-botanical-gardens-taylor-ford-photography

Once cocktail hour started, we took portraits while the guests mingled.

It was one of the hottest days of the summer and somehow my makeup didn’t sweat off…definitely invest in a killer beauty squad!

my-wedding-botanical-gardens-taylor-ford-photography my-wedding-botanical-gardens-taylor-ford-photography my-wedding-botanical-gardens-taylor-ford-photographymy-wedding-botanical-gardens-taylor-ford-photography my-wedding-botanical-gardens-taylor-ford-photographymy-wedding-botanical-gardens-taylor-ford-photography my-wedding-botanical-gardens-taylor-ford-photography

Sooner than later, we did our entrance, first dances, speeches, cake cutting, mingled with our guests, and danced the rest of the evening away.

It was such a beautiful and fun wedding but it flew by so quick.

my-wedding-botanical-gardens-taylor-ford-photography my-wedding-botanical-gardens-taylor-ford-photographymy-wedding-botanical-gardens-taylor-ford-photography my-wedding-botanical-gardens-taylor-ford-photography my-wedding-botanical-gardens-taylor-ford-photographymy-wedding-botanical-gardens-taylor-ford-photography my-wedding-botanical-gardens-taylor-ford-photographymy-wedding-botanical-gardens-taylor-ford-photographymy-wedding-botanical-gardens-taylor-ford-photography my-wedding-botanical-gardens-taylor-ford-photographymy-wedding-botanical-gardens-taylor-ford-photography my-wedding-botanical-gardens-taylor-ford-photographymy-wedding-botanical-gardens-taylor-ford-photographymy-wedding-botanical-gardens-taylor-ford-photography

When you begin to plan your wedding, take it day by day. Enjoy every moment and try not to get stressed out.

Have a backup plan. I remember having a plan a and a plan b. We ended up with plan c, aka the best plan. Not everything will go as expected, but that’s the beauty of a wedding…it makes your day more special.

At the end of the day, it’s about being with your best friend. It will fly by so take in every single moment.

Taylor Ford Photography

Hair & Makeup

Makeup – Hannah Dorion
Hair (myself and flowergirls) – Megan Pirrocco
Bridesmaids hair – Beth Fortney at Profiles

Gown & Belt
Wendys Bridal

Bridesmaid Dresses
Wendys Bridal, designer – Bill Levkoff

Flower Girl Dresses

Louie’s Tux Shop

Etsy – MichelliaFineJewelry, Etsy – TIAMwood

Wedding Dreams by Linda

Mad Anthonys


Ricky Alan Watchorn

Cake Topper
Etsy – WeddingPros

Ceremony & Reception
Foellinger-Freimann Botanical Conservatory




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