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How To Take A Selfie On Your Wedding Day

How To Take A Selfie On Your Wedding Day

There are plenty of times I see a bridesmaid or wedding guest pull out their phone for a selfie on a wedding day I’m photographing. There are also plenty of times I see them doing all the big no-nos as well!

I usually step in and give them a hand because photos are truly special and you want the best images!

The biggest rule you need to follow has everything to do with LIGHTING. Often times when we go in for a selfie, we think, “wow, I look so bad, why?!” Well, most of the time it’s simply because of the lighting situation…and today I’m helping you with just that.

This guide is in no way to replace your professional wedding photographer but I know most guests love to grab their own images so they can post them the next morning. May I present to you my selfie guide, enjoy!


ONE : Turn off all of the artificial lighting (lamps, overhead lights, etc). By doing this, your skin tones will look natural. Artificial lighting can make your skin look too yellow or green and that’s not flattering whatsoever.

TWO : Find big windows and face them. The best light source is the sun itself so when you step in front of a large window while inside, your skin tones will look natural and your eyes won’t look heavy. There may be times when the you have direct sun hitting the inside of the house so just take a few steps back until the lighting is diffused.



ONE : Face your shadow. Most people assume to face towards the sun but that’s the biggest mistake! Facing the sun will give you squinty eyes and can be hard to edit. Sometimes I do break this rule when on vacation but it is harder to edit if you don’t have experience!

TWO : Time of day MATTERS. The best time to take photos is when the sun is low so thats either 2 hours after sunrise or 2 hours before it sets. High noon (middle of the day) is the absolute worst time to take photos so popping yourself under a tree or porch and/or facing your shadow helps with the harsh light.




So if you don’t have a pro to help you with posing, there are a few go-tos I do when I’m on vacation.

POSE ONE : Walking together hand in hand looking each other. His hand in his pocket with thumb out and if there’s a dress involved, I always love to pinch my dress lightly.

POSE TWO : Side by side with my hand on husbands chest with his hand in his pocket.

POSE THREE : Facing each other with our arms wrapped around each other (my arms under his).





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