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Maggie + Nate
A Destination Engagement at Silver Lake Sand Dunes

Maggie + Nate
A Destination Engagement at Silver Lake Sand Dunes

Maggie + Nate had met via online swapping cute messages back and forth! On their first date, Nate picked her up and arrived with a bouquet of white roses, Maggie knew in that moment everything was going to be great! They headed out to grab Chinese take out, drive back to his apartment with some friends and watch a movie. Things moved a little fast (unintentionally) because on their second date, he technically met half of her family, she knew in that moment he was a keeper.

After 5 years of spending their days together, it was the year Nate knew he wanted to spend forever with Maggie. They headed up to his grandparents lake house to celebrate her birthday with his family. Nate had suggested they take a ride in the boat with their dogs like they usually have in the past. Most of the time, Maggie does the driving but this time, Nate wanted to steer the boat and head towards the middle of the lake. Nate said his sentimental words to Maggie and asked her to spend the rest of her life with him.

Maggie and I have been Instagram friends for awhile now so it was super exciting to finally meet her and Nate in person. She’s also a close friend with another bride of mine (Ashley + Brenden), so I am beyond excited to celebrate with Maggie + Nate next summer at the beautiful Venue3two!

One of my favorite parts of this session that I just HAVE to share is when I told them to look right into each others eyes, Maggie giggled and said “He loves me” with the biggest smile. It was the cutest thing I’ve ever witnessed at an engagement session and filled my heart with so much joy!





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