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Maddie + Trenton
A Blissful Engagement Session in Fort Wayne

Maddie + Trenton
A Blissful Engagement Session in Fort Wayne

Maddie + Trenton are highschool sweethearts who attended the same elementary, middle, and high schools. However, it wasn’t until their high school years that they truly became inseparable. In the summer of 2017, destiny intervened as Maddie and Trenton both found themselves at a youth group camping trip where they spent hours together feeling an undeniable connection. And so it goes, their relationship blossomed from there – Maddie, a freshman, and Trenton, a sophomore at the time.

Their first date was at a South Bend Cubs game the week after they “met” during their camping trip. They set up a blanket in the lawn and enjoyed the game all while exchanging favorite things like movies, foods, hobbies. Their conversation flowed seamlessly to the extent that they unintentionally forgot about the baseball game. After that first date, it has become their tradition!

Just half a decade later, Trenton + Maddie found themselves visiting her grandparents overlooking the scenic Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Before heading out for dinner, Trenton suggested taking a picture on the balcony and soon enough, that’s where he popped the question. It wasn’t a complete surprise since they planned on getting engaged for a few years but Trenton actually bought the ring with his mom, Maddies mom, and sister while she was on a trip to Austria!

I cannot wait to celebrate the pair next Spring at Union 12!!



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