Hayley Moore is a wedding photographer that travels the globe documenting chic weddings and love stories. Her style focuses on effortless elegance, timeless true to life colors all while infusing artistic personal touches into the natural moments shared by her fun-loving couples.





Haley + Andrew
A Bubbly Engagement Session on Lake Michigan

A mutual friend played matchmaker for these two and that’s where their story started. Haley’s closest friend had attended the same college as her and had later become colleagues with Andrew in Michigan. She had a strong hunch that they would hit it off, so she went as far as documenting their shared interests on a little note, which she put on her refrigerator which still remains in place to this very day! Their initial encounter took place during a game night hosted at her residence. When the night drew to a close, Andrew gathered the courage to get Haley’s phone number and a date!

They decided to have lunch at a local restaurant in Port Huron, Michigan, which happens to be Andrew’s hometown. Haley was impressed by Andrew’s strong character and how effortlessly their conversations flowed. Following their lunch date, there was a three-week gap before they could meet again in person. However, during this time, they chatted through text messages and FaceTime calls! For their second date, Andrew drove three hours to plan a wonderfully thoughtful day in Kalamazoo. Their day included a visit to a cozy coffee shop, a wine tasting experience, a delicious dinner, and a leisurely stroll through a park illuminated by Christmas lights.

One evening, they went out for a lovely dinner in South Bend, which was a common weekend activity since it was Haley’s hometown. Andrew had meticulously coordinated a plan involving all of Haley’s closest friends and family who were busy setting up an engagement party at her parents’ house. He had created a romantic ambiance in the backyard to her surprise. Upon returning to the house, Andrew attempted to guide Haley to the backyard, but she initially just wanted to go inside. However, she soon discovered that the door was locked, which prompted her to venture into the backyard. It was at this moment that she realized what was happening, as Andrew got down on one knee and proposed. The evening was then dedicated to celebrating this joyful milestone in their relationship.

I cannot wait to celebrate these two next spring at The Wooded Knot!




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