Hayley Moore is a wedding photographer that travels the globe documenting chic weddings and love stories. Her style focuses on effortless elegance, timeless true to life colors all while infusing artistic personal touches into the natural moments shared by her fun-loving couples.




Emily + Nick
A Romantic Engagement Session at Newfields

Emily + Nick
A Romantic Engagement Session at Newfields

Emily + Nick were both at the same party when they first laid eyes on each other. She had made it her goal to get Nick to talk to her and eventually, they ended up being partners for Cards Against Humanity where they would share laughs and get to know each other. After that night, everything fell into place.

They decided to meet at Square Roots in Crown Point for their first date, sharing good conversations with a couple drinks and delicious tacos. About two years after their first date, Emily had went over to Nicks house but it had seemed like no one was home but there were cars in the drive. Nick had greeted her at the door and she could see there were candles lit and one of their favorite songs playing in the background. They made their way down the hallway and as soon as she turned the corner, there were rose petals on the floor, twinkly lights, more candles, and all of the romance in the air. There was a scrapbook Emily had made for him on their first anniversary and it was propped up on a stool. As they looked through it together, she had noticed Nick filled it with meaningful pictures and handwritten cards but suddenly there was a blank page with the words ‘Proposal 02-05-2022’, Nick got down on one knee and asked the question. He also had sneakily recorded the entire moment!

I am so excited for Emily + Nicks wedding next summer at White Oak Farm, these two are so sweet so I know its going to be full of all the teary eyed moments!




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