Hayley Moore is a wedding photographer that travels the globe documenting chic weddings and love stories. Her style focuses on effortless elegance, timeless true to life colors all while infusing artistic personal touches into the natural moments shared by her fun-loving couples.




Becca + Brandon
A Blissful Beach Engagement on Lake Michigan

Becca and Brandon met at Brother’s Bar and Grill in downtown Indianapolis. Becca was with a mutual friend, and their groups happened to meet and spent the rest of the night together. From that night on, Becca and Brandon started spending more time together until they eventually made their relationship official. Their first date was at Newk’s Eatery, but Brandon brought a friend along. They don’t quite remember their first solo date night since Brandon has a lot of friends and they often went out in groups during the first couple of months.

Brandon proposed to Becca on November 5th, 2022, at the Notre Dame vs. Clemson football game. They enjoy hosting at least one tailgate each football season, so this event wasn’t out of the ordinary for them. They arrived at the lot bright and early to set up a chili bar for walking tacos and invited both their families and some close friends. Becca was surprised when Brandon’s immediate family showed up, as he hadn’t mentioned they were coming. It was a very windy day, and Becca’s dad was trying to wait out the weather at home, which delayed Brandon’s plans by hours. As soon as her dad arrived, Brandon made the final preparations and asked to take a picture with the stadium behind them. At that moment, Becca realized what was happening (since Brandon isn’t usually the one to request a photo!). He dropped to one knee and asked her to marry him. They celebrated with some champagne before heading into the game, which Notre Dame won.

Becca + Brandon will be celebrating their day at the gorgeous Morris Estate this year and I cannot wait to capture all of the joy the day will bring!





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