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Ashley + Colin
A Summer Engagement at Oval Beach

Ashley + Colin
A Summer Engagement at Oval Beach

Ashley + Colin had met online bonding over their mutual love for dogs, Indian food, and the beautiful Northern Michigan. Their first date was at Ronin Sushi in Colin’s hometown. Later that evening, Colin showed Ashley a movie he made featuring his dog Cleo. It turned out to be a thriller with his pup being the villain. Typically this would be a red flag for Ashley but she knew his weirdness was a perfect match with hers.

About 4 years later, Ashley’s family had planned a trip to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula in the late summer at a town they hold special to their heart, Houghton. They had planned to take early Christmas photos on the bluffs on Brockway Mountain in Copper Harbor.  Unknown to her and months prior, Colin had a dinner with Ashley’s parents asking for her hand in marriage. Since family is so important to Ashley, they also had to be involved in the proposal!

When they had arrived in Houghton, it was rainy, cold, and cloudy…Colin internally started to freak out because this wasn’t ideal for his proposal to Ashley. But she was clueless and in her own world sipping Starbucks and watching Netflix (I love this so much haha!). Not longer after, they were getting ready for their photo shoot with the family but were waiting the rain out in the speakeasy.

After a quick with the bartender, Colin put together a Plan B to propose to Ashley. The bartender had discreetly placed the ring in a special cocktail just for Ashley. As the group made their way to the speakeasy to join Ashley and her sister, drinks were being poured. Colin had then proposed to Ashley as she was sipping on her Aperol Spritzer. Full of excitement, Ashley jumped for joy! They finished up the evening at an amazing dinner with the family celebrating the two!




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