My Trip West

Every summer I take a week-long trip and this year it was the West. I explored Badlands National Park, Custer State Park, Black Hills National Forest and lastly Yellowstone National Park. Traveling is an activity I enjoy doing and would much rather do it every day of the month.

The world is too big to stay in one place.

The roadtrip started during the second week of May. The first stop was Badlands National Park. I had never seen anything like this before. The first word that came out of my mouth was “wow” while looking out at the rock formations and the blue sky. The day came to an end and I experienced a beautiful sunset at the park.

Photo of narrow road with a sunset and rocksphoto of rock formations with a sunsetphoto of mountain goat with sunset

The next stop was in Black Hills National Forest and also Custer State Park. The last time I saw the Mount Rushmore was when I was a baby and of course, I cannot remember. Therefore, I stopped there and did the trail along the monument and captured great angles of the presidents.

photo of mount rushmore with george washingtonphoto of needle rocks

Last but not least, for the rest of the week I stayed in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and visited the little town. The town was adorable and had amazing bakeries. My favorite bakery was Lotus, they had the most amazing lemon cookies! (I hate lemon flavored items). I also stayed in the Aspens and the interior was gorgeous which had the most amazing decor. There was also a barn, which is ‘the most photographed barn in the world’ and I of course had to check it out. I then found the barn but also an abandoned pink house, adorable!

photo of cozy western styled living roomblack and white photo of grand teton mountainsphoto of abandoned pink house in the middle of nowhere in front of grand tetonsphoto of brown barnphoto of grand tetonsup close photo of grand tetons

Once I was done exploring the town and my home, I headed out to view some of Yellowstone National Park. I unfortunately did not do any hiking because it was chilly and some roads were closed. Later that night, I decided to try taking my FIRST star and sky photography.

photo of dirt road leading up to grand tetonsphoto of starsphoto of a orange and blue geyser with smokephoto of a girl far away in geyser smokephoto of wave pattern in ground with smokephoto of geyseraerial photo of rock formations and snow

The roadtrip was one of a kind and satisfied my inner traveler.
I cannot wait to share my next adventure.

West Trip | Travel | May 2017
South Dakota | Wyoming

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