The Adventure at Disney World

Disney World. What a magical and beautiful place. I went to Disney and it was the most amazing experience I’ve had in a long time. I stayed at Port Orleans Resort and everything about it filled my soul with joy. The architecture, music, smells, flowers, people. It was fantastic!

photo of orleans roadDisney world french quarterphoto of moss trees and brick

I am not going to talk much about every single park, but my favorite park that I want to talk about briefly is Epcot. But first, Animal Kingdom. This park was pretty darn cute. The theme was on point and the decorations were unique and eye capturing.

Disney World Bus and Bike

Next up, Epcot. This place was a dream. If you did not know, Epcot is basically a park full of many ‘countries’. My favorite section was the Europe area which included France. The flowers and decor were to die for and my inner photographer just had to snap some shots.

photo of red stairs with pink flowersphoto of lamp post with pink basket of flowers photo of couple kissing in front of purple and pink large object at night

Disney World was an amazing trip and I would absolutely love to go back sometime in the next few years. The overall feel is a dream and I definitely suggest going.

photo of red fireworks in front of blue castle

Disney World | Travel | May 2016
Orlando, FL

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