City View Cafe Grand Opening

Recently, I was invited to take photos at the City View Cafe Grand Opening. It started off a cloudy windy day as I made my way up to the 13th floor of the Indiana Michigan Power Plaza Building. Sounds spooky right? Well, it did feel a little freaky until I got to the floor where it was full of smiles, happiness and delicious smells. I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the cafe and dining area.

City View Cafe Table SettingFloral Table ArrangementPink and Beige Ceiling DecorLemon water at city view cafeFloral Table ArrangementCeruti's floral arrangement

Before guests arrived, I had the chance to take photos of the beautiful food. Though I did not take part in taste testing, the party did seem to find the food spectacular. Once in awhile, I would hear husbands say, “Don’t tell my wife I’m grabbing this chocolate.” I chuckled all through the night.

Shrimp CocktailsMan grabbing City view cafe foodDeviled EggsCity View Cafe Food BarPizza in warmerGirl with foodChocolate Strawberry barGirl with strawberries at cafePlate of city view cafe food

In addition to the food, guests had the option to try out wine from Rudy’s as well as other beverages.

Bartender pouring drinkIndiana Summer Red WineBar at City view cafe

The night couldn’t have gone any better. Everyone was so chipper and it warmed my heart to see everyone having a great time. The photo opportunities were overwhelming yet incredible. I am so blessed to have taken part in this event. City View Cafe is truly awesome for the city and has a GREAT view of downtown Fort Wayne. Make sure you stop in one afternoon and try out their food and check out the scene.

Friends taking photos of downtown fort wayneCity View Cafe gueststhirteenth floor City view cafeWoman with friend at city view cafeCity view cafe attendee Woman with friends at cafeCouple sitting in City View Cafe

City View Cafe Grand Opening | Events | May 2018
Fort Wayne, IN

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